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Armor Hinderance

Hinderance From Lowest to Highest
The Effects of Hinderance

The most noticeable effects of being hindered by armor are found while hunting, as evasion can be lowered quite a bit depending upon the level hinderance. This is most often an issue with rangers, thieves and barbarians who rely heavily on evasion, since it would seem that shield blocking and parry aren't hampered quite to the degree of evasion. Furthermore, hindering armor is a factor in almost all stealth checks, including hiding, stalking and stealing. Although one shouldn't try to disarm and pick boxes while wearing armor, hinderance also applies while popping.

In order to reduce the effects of hinderance, the appropriate armor skill must be trained. As ranks in the armor are raised, the hinderance begins to go down to a certain point, which is dictated by the guild. In the case of rangers, thieves and barbarians, leather can be 'worked' (that is to say, the leather skill trained to a certain point) that one would be unhindered. Paladins can work off the hinderance on all armors. Most other guilds are restricted to insignificantly hindered (or worse), even in leather.

Contrary to popular belief, leather armor is rarely the least hindering armor, but it is an armor that is commonly able to be reduced to unhindered. Light chain tends to protect better, cost less and have less hinderance than its leather cousin and is often a good choice for stealth and non-stealth guilds alike. Heavy plate tends to be worst choice for non-paladins because of the fact that its hinderance can only be worked down to a fairly unappealing level.

It should be noted that the 'main' hinderance of a character comes from their chest armor, so, while a ranger could not expect to wear a chain hauberk and be unhindered, they could wear leathers and chain accessories (helm and gloves) and be unhindered.