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Ranger Spells


Forestwalker's Boon (BOON): Many a ranger has ventured beyond the bounds of civilization only to find themselves facing wild beasts defending their territory or hunting for food. The Forestwalker's Boon spell masks a ranger's natural scent with a pheromone that attempts to calm all but the most aggressive or cunning wild animals.
Prerequisite: Sphere of Protection.
Sphere of Protection (SOP): The Sphere of Protection spell increases the defensive ability of the person it protects, particularly toward offensive spells from the Life realm. At higher levels of skill, you will notice that this spell extends itself to all in your group, allowing you the ability to cover an entire zone of people.
Prerequisite: 5th circle.

Animal Abilities

Bear Strength (BES): The Bear Strength spell requires channeling mana streams, and draws on the power of the beast for which it is named. The more mana held in a localized stream, the more powerful the spell's results.
Prerequisite: Grizzly Claw.
(Note: Held-mana spell.)
Caiman Swim (cais): The Caiman Swim spell mimics the abilities of its namesake, invoking the wilds to infuse the target with improved swimming skill. With higher levels of skill, the caster can also hold his breath as if he were a caiman. You may also notice that if cast in marshlands, swampy areas, or other wet places, it is more effective.
Some tales speak of an ancient spell named 'Breathe Water' that the secondary function of Caiman Swim replaces fully, only without the tragic side effects.
Prerequisite: See The Wind.
Cheetah Swiftness (CS): The Cheetah Swiftness spell boosts your reflexes and agility while you hold mana for it. The more mana you hold, the more effective it is.
Prerequisite: Senses of the Tiger.
(NOTE: Held-mana spell.)
Claws of the Cougar (COTC): The Claws of the Cougar spell offers the Ranger the power of the big cat. As a cougar strikes with a mighty claw, so will the Ranger strike with his best melee weapon. As the cougar's claw slices through the annoying webs of the wolf spider, so shall the ranger be able to better escape his bonds.
Prerequisites: Cheetah Swiftness, 30th circle.
Grizzly Claw (GRIZ): The Grizzly Claw spell will magically enhance your empty palm, giving it the strength and accuracy of a mighty bear! When you cast this, the energy of the sharp claw can not be held back so it will strike out immediately, knocking down and perhaps stunning your foes. Alternatively, you can cast it on yourself in an attempt to shred webs binding you, with more mana increasing the chance that it will work.
You'll also need to be close to your target or the spell will be wasted. Sadly, this spell will not help you if you are not in the wilderness.
Prerequisite: See the Wind.
See the Wind (STW): The See the Wind spell, sometimes called 'The Eyes That See the Wind,' invokes the hypersensitive instincts of the animal world, allowing the caster to judge wind currents well enough to improve his aim with a bow. Researchers argue on which specific type of animal and trait See the Wind mimics, but the usefulness is indisputable.
Senses of the Tiger (sott): Senses of the Tiger invokes the essence of its namesake, calling upon that great cat's ferally efficient hunting tactics. When under the effects of this spell, you will have improved reactions and a better ability to stalk... the very qualities of an untamed tiger.
Though the spell itself is quite a basic one, ideal for younger Rangers and their first foray into spellcasting, it is very difficult to extend its power with extra mana.
Prerequisite: See The Wind.
Spider Climb (SPC): The Spider Climb is the first in a series of spells that take on the aspects of insects. In particular, this one will enhance your ability to climb for a while.
Prerequisite: See the Wind.
Wisdom of the Pack (wotp): The Wisdom of the Pack spell shares the gained knowledge of wolf packs throughout the realms, passing on basic knowledge of governing oneself better. At higher levels of magic skill the spell offers an insight into traps and animalkind.
Prerequisite: Wolf Scent, 13th circle.
Wolf Scent (WS): Enhances one's sense of smell, improving the ability to find plants and herbs when foraging.
Prerequisite: See The Wind.

Wilderness Survival

Blend: Lets you blend into surrounding wilderness so well you'll be invisible. But if you move a muscle, you'll betray your location.
Prerequisite: Earth Meld.
Earth Meld (EM): This particular pattern of life energy will forge a connection to your surroundings, thereby revealing places of concealment you may otherwise miss. It is important to note that the more energy you make available to the pattern, the more powerful it will become. It is at its strongest when first cast, its effects lessening over time.

Hands of Lirisa (HOL): The Hands of Lirisa spell is named after the famous Ranger of Lanival's time, devout follower of Kuniyo. She was a great tracker and tireless hunter, and like most Rangers, very adept at surviving the wilds. As such, this spell enhances the caster's ability to skin creatures for a while. Some claim they hear Lirisa's voice when they cast this, urging them on to greater deeds.
Nature's Canopy (NC): Nature's Canopy is an evolution of the Blend spell pattern. Rather than merely blending in with the environment, Nature's Canopy urges the forces of nature to cloak and sooth the caster. This grants less protection than Blend, but allows the caster to retain freedom of movement. Since the spell works upon the medium of natural life and wilderness, the spell will fail if the caster strays too far into an urbanized area.
Prerequisite: Blend.

Nature Manipulation

Awaken Forest (AF): The forces of nature are intimidating, neutral, and powerful. If roused by one with the proper knowledge, they will manifest themselves as a physical entity and rise up to battle anyone and anything nearby.
Prerequisites: Branch Break, 30th circle.
Branch Break (BB): The Branch Break spell summons the power of the natural world to strike out at the Ranger's foes. This spell no longer damages part of nature itself, but briefly calls forth an object native to the terrain before returning it to the earth. Due to this, it can now be cast anywhere that is not too far gone to the urban world. Upon a strike, it will stun your foe. Should they already be stunned, they will be knocked unconscious instead.
Prerequisite: Compost.
Compost: The Compost spell speeds up the decay of items on the ground, using them to enhance plant growth. The Life mana in the surrounding area will be increased somewhat for a short time as a result.
Prerequisite: 5th circle.
Devitalize: A dark use of Nature's energies, the Devitalize spell strikes your opponent with a concentrated infusion of Life Mana. This energy is too much for living beings and all corporeal undead to safely handle, causing strange and potentially fatal reactions within them. However, we are still not entirely certain the full effects of this blue-green energy, despite the myriad ways we use it. What we know is that through this application, it will attempt to freeze and twist the target's body from within. Be warned, this spell breaks from the typical ranger tradition of Harmony with Nature to instead bend Nature and its creatures for your own desires, use it at your own peril. However, this magic is in no way Necromancy, nor does it harm Nature in any fashion to use it.
Prerequisite:Eagle's Cry.
Eagle's Cry: The Eagle's Cry spell calls forth the life energy projection of a bold eagle to attack your opponent. It is a targeted spell, able to be directed to most parts of the opponent's body. The summoned eagle is particularly accurate, but it forgoes a degree of strength for this reason. Those struck are chilled by the infusion of life energy and slashed by the eagle's claws.
Harawep's Bonds (HB): The spell called Harawep's Bonds summons hundreds of spiders which swarm over the hapless victim, trapping it in a sticky web. They might even be poisoned by the bite of one or more of the spiders.
Prerequisites: Swarm.
Plague of Scavengers (PLS): The Plague of Scavengers spell summons an immense swarm of insects to infest corporeal beings, impairing their combat prowess as well as aggravating already bleeding wounds from time to time. Should the target not be bleeding, the bugs will not do anything further than distract. Adding more power to this spell increases the amount of bugs summoned, making the plague last longer.
Prerequisites: Compost, Swarm.
Swarm: The Swarm spell is aptly named, for it summons an angry horde of swarming insects to distract and annoy everyone in the area. Sphere of Protection will stop somebody from being affected, unless they are directly targeted with the cast. Be warned that this spell will affect you if you are not using Sphere of Protection, too.
Swarm also hinders the stealth and perception abilities of those afflicted to some extent.
Prerequisite: Spider Climb.

Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Sphere of Protection 5 No No No
Forestwalker's Boon No No No

Animal Abilities
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Wolf Scent 5 No No No
See The Wind 5 No No No
Spider Climb 8 No No No
Cheetah Swiftness - No No Yes
Bear Strength - No No Yes
Senses of the Tiger 5 No No No
Caiman Swim 8 No No No
Wisdom of the Pack No No No

Wilderness Survival
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Hands of Lirisa 3 No No No
Earth Meld 8 No No No
Blend 12 12 No No No
Grizzly Claw No No No

Nature Manipulation
Spell Minimum Prep Mana Cap Targeted? Scroll Only? Held Mana?
Compost 10 No No No
Swarm 8 No No No
Plague of Scavengers No No No
Harawep's Bonds 8 No No No
Branch Break 6 No No No
Awaken Forest 10 No No No