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Verbs In Moonskin

    HOWL HAPPY...........it's a great day and you just couldn't help yourself.
    HOWL LONELY..........awwww.
    HOWL KATAMBA.........sing to the moon!
    HOWL <dead person>...for mourning a fallen comrade.
    HOWL WARNING.........looks like trouble.
    HOWL PAIN............let others know you hurt.
    HOWL HOME............send out a call to return home.
    HOWL VICTORY.........celebrate your success.
    HOWL HUNT............invite those who hear you to join the hunt.
For the full grown:
    HOWL CHALLENGE.......establish your rank among those of your gender.
    HOWL COURTSHIP.......show off to the opposite sex.
    HOWL HITHER..........calls out to your bonded mate.

Above, I have listed what you will see in game when typing howl while in moonskin. Below is a list of each howl.

Howls have three different sounds, depending on your location to the Rakash howling. You hear one howl while in the same room, something else while in the next room, and a third when several rooms or more away. Each howl takes 6 seconds.

Howl What you see What they see
happy You let out a bright joyous howl, full of life and vigor. Same room: Aulii howls joyfully, head thrown back to the sky.
Next room: You hear Mahina howl with joy from the southwest.
Distance: You hear the distant, but contagiously cheerful howl of Mahina.
lonely You let out a mournful howl. Same room: Aulii lets out a mournful lonely howl... does she know you're here?
Next room: You hear Mahina howl forlornly from the southwest.
Distant: You hear the distant, lonely howl of Mahina.
katamba You howl melodiously, serenading the black moon. Same room: Aulii howls melodiously, serenading the black moon.
Next room: From the south, you hear Mahina howl melodiously, serenading the black moon.
Distant: You hear the distant howl of Mahina as he serenades the black moon.
warning You howl sharply, warning the pack of danger! Same room: Aulii howls to warn the pack of danger!
Next room: From the south, you hear Mahina howl a warning to the pack!
Distance: You hear the distant warning howl of Mahina!
pain Your vocal cords vibrate with your pain, bristling your fur. Same room: Aulii howls in pain causing your fur to bristle.
Next room: Mahina's howl of pain carries into the area from the south.
Distance: You hear Mahina howl in pain.
home You release a specifically pitched howl calling your family home. Same room: Aulii releases a howl pitched to notify her family to return home.
Next room: Mahina howls from the south calling his family home.
Distance: Mahina's howl resonates, calling his family to come home.
victory You bellow a victorious howl that grows louder as it rips from your larynx. Same room: Aulii lets rip a victory howl that sets your blood pounding.
Next room: From the south, Mahina's victorious howl resonates loudly.
Distance: Mahina's victory howl travels on the wind.
hunt You release a warrior's howl calling all who can hear it to join in the hunt. Same room: Aulii howls an invitation to join her in the hunt.
Next room: Mahina howls an invitation from the south to join him in the hunt.
Distance: Aulii howls an invitation to all who can hear her to join in the hunt.
courtship Female: You let out a ululating howl, calling out to the males of the pack.
Male: You let out a deep resonant howl, calling out to the females of the pack.
Same room: (Female) Aulii lets out a beguiling, ululating howl. (Male) Mahina lets out a deep, resonant, masculine howl.
Next room: (Female) You hear the beguiling howl of Aulii from the north. (Male) You hear the resonant masculine howl of Mahina from the south.
Distance: (Female) You hear the beguiling howl of Aulii off in the distance. (Male) You hear the resonant masculine howl of Mahina in the distance.
challenge You howl your challenge to the other females of the pack! Same room: Aulii lifts her face to the sky and howls. The haunting song of a wolf resonates through the area.
Next room: You hear a howl from the south.
hither Same room:Mahina is right here!
Next room:You release a beckoning howl that calls to Mahina.
Same room:You hear Aulii howling for you to come to her.
Next room:Aulii howls from the north calling for Mahina.
Distance:You hear Aulii howling for you to come to her.

Tail What you see What they see
brush As your tail undulates enticingly, its feathery tips gently brush the ground.
Mahina notices your mood.
Aulii's tail undulates enticingly as its tip gently brushes the ground.
Looks like Aulii is in the mood to flirt.
droop Expressing your unhappiness, your tail droops till it almost touches the ground. Aulii's unhappiness is apparent as her tail almost drags on the ground in a listless droop.
flick Your tail flicks quickly from side-to-side displaying your anger. Aulii's anger is obvious from the quick side-to-side flick of her tail.
flop Your tail flops listlessly, a reflection of your sadness. Aulii's sadness is obvious from the way her tail flops dejectedly.
fluff You fluff your tail with a vigorous shake that separates each hair till it resembles a huge plume. Aulii gives her tail a vigorous shake, fluffing it into a huge plume.
You think she did it to impress you?
shake You give your tail a good shake to smooth its nap, and end up realigning all your fur. Aulii rearranges herself by giving her tail a good shake, smoothing its nap and realigning all her fur.
strut Your tail arches stiffly behind you as you assume an imposing stance. Aulii arches her tail stiffly as she assumes an imposing stance.
Do you detect a bit of a strut in her movements?
sway You let your tail sway freely, thoroughly enjoying your moonskin state. Aulii's tail sways freely. Looks like she really enjoys being in moonskin.
swish Your strong tail swishes through the air, creating a small breeze. Aulii's tail swishes through the air.
twitch You are so excited you can't seem to stop your tail from twitching. Aulii is so excited her tail twitches wildly.
wag You wag your tail enthusiastically! Aulii wags her tail enthusiastically.
wave You give your tail a few quick upward flips that make it appear to be waving goodbye. Aulii's tail gives a few quick upward flips that look like a goodbye wave.

Ear What you see What they see
bristle Your ears bristle warily as you monitor the sounds in the area. Aulii's ears bristle warily as she listens to the sounds in the area.
curl As your ears relax from contentment the tips curl forward, slightly muffling all noise. The tips of Aulii's ears flop forward giving her face a soft, contented appearance.
danger The fur on your ears stands straight up as you sense danger. The hair on Aulii's ears stands straight up sending the Rakash notice of danger.
flare You flare your ears as you angle them to catch every sound. Aulii's ears flare as she angles them to catch every sound.
flick Your anger causes your ears to flick rapidly. Aulii's ears flick rapidly, displaying her anger.
flop Your ears are tied to your heart and flop forward over themselves, broadcasting your feelings to all within sight of you. Aulii's ears flop forward giving her a love-sick appearance.
greet Both your ears quickly flip forward, in the traditional Rakash greeting.
Mahina notices your greeting.
Aulii's ears flip forward, giving you a Rakash greeting.
itch A sudden uncontrollable itch in your right ear sets it to quivering madly.
You quickly reach up and scratch it, soothing the itch.
Aulii's ear suddenly begins to quiver madly.
Momentarily distracted, she reaches up and gives it a thorough scratching.
point Your left ear points at the ground giving your face a sorrowful expression. Aulii's left ear points at the ground giving her face a sorrowful expression.
pride As you swell with pride your ears stretch upward, adding a little to your height and imbuing you with an imposing feeling. Swelling with pride, Aulii's ears seem to stretch, giving her a more imposing look.
sag Your ears sag slightly, losing their perky stiffness as you begin to fall asleep. Aulii's ears lose some of their perky stiffness and sag slightly as she begins to fall asleep.
scratch You absentmindedly spin your claw in your left ear and drag out a tiny speck that smells like ear wax when you sniff it. Aulii digs in her ear with her claw then frowns in disgust as she sniffs at what she found.
snap Your ears snap up in alarm! Aulii's ears snap up in alarm.
turn As you turn one ear towards the front and one to the back, the flesh between them pulls rather taut. As Aulii's ears turn in two different directions, her face looks a tad comical.
twitch Your left ear betrays your nervousness and begins to twitch uncontrollably, increasing your discomfort. Aulii's left ear begins to twitch in what appears to be a nervous reaction.
warn Your right ear flicks twice in a quiet warning. Aulii's right ear flicks twice, issuing a quiet warning.
weary Your ears begin to droop, giving your face a tired look. Aulii's ears droop slightly, giving her face a tired look.
wiggle You wiggle your ears in a carefree display of your happiness. Aulii's ears wiggle with joy.