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For a moment, nothing appears to happen. Then, slowly, the Gor'Tog figurine begins to speak in a deep rumbling voice, the words carefully chosen: "I am Gor'Tog. Gor'Tog is strength. Gor'Tog is endurance. Gor'Tog needs not magic or cleverness, Gor'Tog has much trust in self. Elven are faster, but Gor'Tog does not need fast, Gor'Tog has might. Dwarven are strong but Gor'Tog is stronger. Halfling is clever but Gor'Tog finds the straight way, no need for tricks."

You gaze at this slow-worded being. Tall and well-muscled, dark green skin covers a massive, hairless frame. Dark eyes look out, lacking sparkle perhaps, but forthright and true in many ways. Like an enduring oak tree or massive boulder, the Gor'Tog radiates a sense of solidity and permanence.

The Basics
  • TDP Bonus Cost: -3 to strength, -2 to stamina
  • TDP Penalty Cost: +2 to wisdom and intelligence, +1 to reflex
  • Height: 8' to 10' for males. 7.5' to 9.5' for females.
  • Lifespan: 115 maximum, 90 average
  • Languages: Common, Toggish
  • Beginning Stats: Strength: 16, Reflex: 8, Agility: 10, Charisma: 10, Discipline: 10, Wisdom: 6, Intelligence: 6, Stamina: 14