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Barbarian Information

Becoming a Barbarian

Part 1 - Rolling Up a Character

I'm going to keep this secion short. When rolling your base racial stats keep in mind that you will have starting TDP's to distribute so you don't need to immediately meet the above requirements. Also, it's probably best to give most of your stats 10 points to start with, or as close as possible. During your first 10 circles I recommend keeping your mental stats going, this will allow you to learn more and learn quickly. Early creatures don't require great strength or agility to fight, so as long as you keep your physical stats in the 12-15 range, you should be good. Mentals are actually very important for us barbarians, as they dictate the power of our roars and dances, as well as dictating how well we learn all of our skills. If you need any more detailed assistance, asking any of our guild members is a good step, or feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

Part 2 - Finding the Guild

There are two approaches at this point. First, spend your TDP's and then join up with the guild. Second, if you meet the base requirements already join up first and then spend your TDP's. Either way is good. Getting around Crossing is fairly easy. You can reference the maps found on this site, as well as using the DIR command to give you directions wherever you are to any number of useful locations. The first place you need to head towards no matter what is the bank, DIR BANK. Crossing is a crime-ridden hell hole and you'll want to deposit your money right away. After that, use the DIR command to find your way around and hopefully make it to the Barbarian Guild Hall to join up. Once you find Agnonar, the Guild Leader in Crossing, type JOIN in his presence and he will tell you all about becoming a member of our Guild.

Part 3 - Where to Start?

If there are other members in the guild hall, now is a good time to strike up a conversation and meet some of your new Brothers and/or Sisters. You may be able to find someone generous enough to show you around and help you pick out some starting equipment. The best bet if you're on you're own here is a basic set of leater armor and a sword. This will get you through the early days of fighting rats and some of the other creatures while you save up enough coin to purchase some leathers from Wolf Clan and perhaps some more weapons. After getting equipped you'll want to jump right into combat with rats in the shipyard, DIR SHIPYARD. Keep training here until you find the rats fairly easy to kill and they're not hurting you much. After that, head out the west and fight musk hogs and goblins or head to the vineyards outsite the northeast gate to fight rats and boars, which may be a little safer if goblins seems a bit too tough still. Remember to take a look at the circle requirements page and don't be afraid to stop by the guild and ask for advice. One other thing, you can die up to 6 times at first circle and be restored without a favor, along with your weapons and other gear. After that sixth time, or after you raise above first circle you will need to use favors or find the aid of a Cleric. Your weapons and gear can be lost as well, so try not to hunt alone.

Barbarian Guild Crest

A bloodied sword raised high in a clenched fist.

Llwybyr Belatucatdros