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War Mage Information

Warrior Mage Guild Crest

A wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords.

Warrior Mage Guild Leaders

Daervlan eth'Riel, Guardian of the Planes, Lord of the Void, High Lord of the Guild of Warrior Mages (Male ?)

Gauthus, Guildmaster of The Crossing (Male Human)

Melear, Guildmistress of Shard (Female Elothean)

Karazhil, Guildmistress of RiverHaven (Female S'kra Mur)

Augrym, Guildmaster of Chyolvea Tayeu'a (Male Elf)

Tyrsan, Guildmaster of Ratha (Male Halfling)

Margathe, Guildleader of Muspar'i.

Jorent, Guildleader of Hibarnhvidar.

Sinah MacGreine