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Ranger Information

I would like to thank Quelgash for all the help in putting together the information for the ranger guild.

Ranger Guild Crest

A crouching mountain lion surrounded by a thicket of thorns over a blazing sun.

Ranger Guild Leaders

Kalika Sylvenshade, Guildleader of Crossing. Located on the northwest side of town. (Female Elf)

Tomma Lycacist, Guildleader of Shard. Located out on the Gilen Otso Steppes game trail. (Female Elf)

Tolle Gregarion, Guildleader of Langenfirth. Located on the northside of Langenfirth. (Human Male)

Marion Anril, Guildleader of Aesry Surlaenis'a. Located in the hidden caves in the Falachui Ikeme. (Human Male)

Ievia Restaan, Journeywoman of Riverhaven. Located outside the easte gate. (Female Elothean)

Paglar Gretlef, Guildleader of Forfedhdar. (Male Gor'Tog)

Roopardua Zarrefin, wandering head of the ranger guildleaders. (Male Dwarf)