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Empath Information

What it means to be an Empath?

"Empaths are healers. They are dedicated to relieving the pain and suffering of others as well as curing disease and poison.

"The goals of the Empath are accomplished via Empathic Magic. This form of magic comes at a great cost though, the Empath has formed a bond with all living creatures and any pain that the Empath inflicts on another is reverberated through them. This effect is called Empathic Shock.

"Following the path of the Empath is a noble and selfless devotion. Only the most dedicated and caring individuals can hope to become proficient in this craft."

-- Thoughts on the Empath Guild from Barbarian Llwybyr Belatucadros

The Goods

Anoushka Solovsky was kind enough to commit herself to the hard work of putting the following information together for this section. We thank her for all of her hard work and hope you appreciate it. Anoushka herself is an Empath.

Empath Guild Crest

An open hand reaching out to provide comfort, a wreath of healing herbs resting in the palm.

Empath Guild Leaders

Annael Ebeshalek, Guild Leader of Crossing.

Nebela Mentrade , Guild Leader of Riverhaven.

K'miriel Lystrandoniel, Guild Leader of Shard.

Alris Burdlefoot, Guild Leader of Ratha and Aesry.

Dagreth Rendarak , Guild Leader of Forfedhdar.