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Wood Caps

What it All Means

We've attempted to nail down what the current wood caps are as of foraging 2.0 and the newest changes to fletching. Most of this information has been checked with two sources, just to make sure we didn't miss anything. The Long Bow Ranks should give a feeling for when you can cap the wood and it would seem that every 20 ranks indicates a change in bow appraisal and a new wood cap. Although we could figure out the cap on a bow using a pretty straight forward formula, there seem to be a few woods which are exactly the same such as ash and alder as well as maple and spruce along with the fact that there seems to be some rounding involved when calculating caps.

Longbow Caps
Wood Cap in Kronars Long Bow Ranks Appraisal
Pine 325 (375?) 40 f/f
Maple 750 80 f/f
Spruce 750 80 f/f
Birch 937 100 f/f
Fir 1312 160 f/f
Mahogany 1312 160 f/f
Willow 1312 160 f/f
Ash 1687 180 f/f
Alder 1687 180 f/f
Elm 1875 200 r/r
Apple 1875 200 r/r
Hickory 1875 200 r/r
Redwood 1875 200 r/r
Walnut 1875 200 r/r
Oak 2062 220 r/r
Rosewood 2250 240 r/r
Teak 2250 240 r/r
Osage 2250 240 r/r
Cherry 2250 240 r/r
Ebony 2812 300 r/r
Yew 2812 300 r/r
Mistwood 5625 600 w/w
Bloodwood 5625 600 w/w
copperwood ? 600 ?
silverwood ? 600 ?

I'd like to thank Dryzt for helping me out finding a lot of the caps on these woods. I'd also like to thank Simonyi, Saharia and Aroamer for putting up with my bow harassment. Thanks!