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Leth Deri'iel and the Southern Trade Route

  • Map 60 - STR from the ferry to Leth
  • Map 60a - Homesites in Leth Deriel and Arthe Dale
  • Map 61 - The Town of Leth Deriel
  • Map 61a - Boggy Marsh of Leth, Moss Meys
  • Map 61b - Acenamacra Village
  • Map 62 - STR from Leth to the Gondola
  • Map 62a - Tasmine's Rest
  • Map 63 - Oshu'ehhrsk Manor grounds
  • Map 63a - Oshu'ehhrsk Manor
Although not officially sanctioned by Ranik, this provides an alternate interface to Ranik's wonderful and extremely informative maps. We admit that we may be slightly behind at any given time from their main home but hope to provide a secondary source for this very important resource to the DR community.