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For Sale: Clothing

If you're interested in purchasing items or have any questions about an item, please e-mail Rowena or AIM at RowenaMacDR. Please be sure to include your AIM. Prices are in kronars and delivery is generally to the bank window in Crossing, though other methods may be arranged. Please note that this page will be updated once a week, so items may have sold and still be listed.
Updated last on 3/3/08.

Cloaks & Mantles:
a thick woolen mantle lined in satin and trimmed with snowy goshawk feathers - 5 gold

Dresses & Gowns:
a drop-waisted cream silk gown embroidered with pale blue sirese blossoms along the short puffed sleeves and scooped neckline - 8 plat
a clingy floor-length gown beaded with sparkling sequins - 7 plat
an elegant empire-waisted gown of pale pink satin with a beaded white lace jacket - 6 plat
an elegant pale silver gown with a beaded top - 6 plat
a full-length cream-colored satin gown with a full trailing skirt - 6 plat
a close-fitting lavender dress with a clinging pleated skirt - 4 plat
a light green silk empire-waisted gown with an ivory-colored train - 3 plat
a scarlet velvet empire-waisted gown with short puffed sleeves - 2 plat
a soft blue knit gown with long flowing embroidered sleeves - 2 plat

Corsets & Garters:
a fiery red velvet corset laced with black silk cords - 15 plat
a storm grey velvet corset accented with silvery lightning bolts - 15 plat
a pale gold satin corset with emerald green piping - 10 plat
a soft gold suede garter with a ruby phoenix buckle - 5 plat
a black suede garter with narrow silver buckles - 5 plat

a golden suede leather doublet with amber-set buttons (10 plat app, reversible: a burgundy leather doublet pierced with a sedate design) - 14 plat

a deep black goblin-skin skirt embossed with a fearsome battle scene (altered. Look: Battling a fierce-looking cougar, a Gnome slashes at the beast's legs while a Halfling stabs a dagger deep into its back.  Written underneath is the phrase, "Fear the little ones!") - 30 plat
a pale peach skirt interwoven with strands of silvery thread (verby dancing skirt) - 10 plat
a flowing white velvet skirt cinched at the waist with a silver knot pin - 5 plat
a filmy skirt of sheer gauze scarves in bright jewel tones - 2 plat

a pair of fitted suede leggings with crystal beading on the pockets - 5 gold

a pair of embroidered plum thigh boots - 3 plat

a cerulean hip belt embroidered with intricate golden wrens - 2 plat
a stone-grey hide belt with a small white buckle - 1 plat
a dark grey canvas belt adorned with silver studs - 1 plat

a scarlet silk scarf clasped with an onyx brooch - 7 gold
an ivory silk scarf trimmed in ornate beads - 5 gold

a delicate white lace veil with sewn sparkling crystal beads - 5 plat
some delicate lace wings accented with iridescent crystal teardrops - 5 plat
a simple linen culinary apron trimmed with glaysker flowers - 2 plat
a headband adorned with twists of green silk rose leaves - 2 gold
a pair of long white lace gloves - 1 gold