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For Sale: Instruments & Everything Else

If you're interested in purchasing items or have any questions about an item, please e-mail Rowena or AIM at RowenaMacDR. Please be sure to include your AIM. Prices are in kronars and delivery is generally to the bank window in Crossing, though other methods may be arranged. Please note that this page will be updated once a week, so items may have sold and still be listed.
Updated last on 3/3/08.

a walnut flute with silver keys (look: The polished silver mouthpiece and keys form an elegant contrast to the dark, rich walnut body of the flute.) - 5 plat
a translucent tortoiseshell kithara (look: Light filters through the square tortoiseshell soundbox, highlighting the brown and cream pattern of the material. Four strings stretch upward in a fan-shaped array to be anchored by pegs attached to the crossbar connecting the curved risers.) - 5 plat
a gold-banded boxwood recorder (look: Bands of ivory outline the fingerholes of the recorder, pale against the dark wood. A nightingale silhouetted against a linden leaf has been burnt into the base of the mouthpiece.) - 5 plat
a silver-etched brass clarin - 3 plat
a carved raven-bone syrinx bound with deep blue leather thongs (look: Each of the hollow bones is carved with tiny skeletal figures capering over the surface as they play the instruments they carry in hand. Soft blue leather thongs decorated with turquoise beads wrap around each bone to hold the instrument together.) - 3 plat