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For Sale: Jewelry

If you're interested in purchasing items or have any questions about an item, please e-mail Rowena or AIM at RowenaMacDR. Please be sure to include your AIM. Prices are in kronars and delivery is generally to the bank window in Crossing, though other methods may be arranged. Please note that this page will be updated once a week, so items may have sold and still be listed.
Updated last on 3/3/08.

Necklaces, Chokers & Amulets
a slender platinum necklace strung with glossy black pearls (15 plat app) - 20 plat
a choker of twining onyx and ruby beads clasped by a spider brooch - 5 plat

Misc. Jewelry:
a slender silver anklet with dangling crystal spheres - 3 plat
a pair of long ironwood hairsticks carved with spiraling dragons - 2 plat
a silver cloak pin embellished with a small ilithi emerald - 5 gold
a small cut amethyst mouse pin with a curled wire tail - 5 gold
a carved obsidian earcuff - 1 gold

an engraved brass tailband overlaid with a panel of tinted glass (D&K of Shard, look: The silver band is engraved with a boisterous garden awash with blooming flowers of all shapes and kinds. On top of this is laid a band of transparent glass bearing tiny colorful hummingbirds, positioned so that each bird is gathering nectar from a different flower in the garden. Along the inside of the tailband, the maker's mark has been engraved using an elegant script.) - 5 plat