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Foraging Database

This page is a cross-referenced database of all herbs in the Realms. Scroll through the list or use the quick search options to find what you're looking for. Search for or click on a specific herb, remedy material, or other item to see the seasonal and skill infomation associated with it. Please send all submissions for this database here.

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Healing Herbs
Remedy Materials
Other Foragables

Herb Notes: Found: day/night, spring, summer, autumn (not winter), 80 ranks needed

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chamomile Temple Hill/Mycthengelde Crossing, West Gate, Temple Hill, Memorial ParkMapMap
chamomile The Crossing Crossing, North Gate, Rugglestone Close housing areaMapMap
chamomile The Crossing Crossing, Town GreenMapMap
chamomile The Crossing Crossing, Willow Walk (empath housing)MapMap
chamomile Tiger Clan Tiger Clan, Goblin brook, hidden clearingMapMap
chamomile Tiger Clan Tiger Clan, throughout townMapMap
chamomile Tiger Clan Tiger Clan, Togball Field, Spectator areasMapMap
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