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This page is a cross-referenced database of all herbs in the Realms. Scroll through the list or use the quick search options to find what you're looking for. Search for or click on a specific herb, wood type, catalyst or other item to see the seasonal and skill infomation associated with it. Please send all submissions for this database here.

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Herb Notes: Found: day/night, spring, summer, autumn (not winter), 30 ranks needed

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blueberries Ratha Ratha, 4th Tier West Gate, Old Fields Road, A Deep CrackMapMap
blueberries Ratha Ratha, 4th Tier West Gate, Old Fields Road, Low HillsMapMap
blueberries Ratha Ratha, 4th Tier West Gate, Old Fields Road, Low Hills (near Merrows hunting)MapMap
blueberries Ratha Ratha, 4th Tier West Gate, Reshalia Trade Road, ClearingMapMap
blueberries Langenfirth/El'Bains El'bains Stop, Woodlands (kelpies)MapMap
blueberries Langenfirth/El'Bains Langenfirth, North Road, River's Edge, stone bridgeMapMap
blueberries Riverhaven Riverhaven West Wilds, North Meadow (ogres)MapMap
blueberries Riverhaven Riverhaven, Dunshade Manor LawnMapMap
blueberries Riverhaven Riverhaven, East Gate, Outside Ranger GuildMapMap
blueberries Riverhaven Riverhaven, Salt Yard, Sandy Path (housing area)MapMap
blueberries Riverhaven Riverhaven, West Gate, Sylvan Glade, Pond Shore (crayfish hunting)MapMap
blueberries Rossman's Landing Rossman's Landing, Rossgallan Keep, CourtyardsMapMap
blueberries Therenborough Therenborough, South Gate, Chanters' Retreat housingMapMap
blueberries Therenborough Therenborough, South Gate, North Road, Barony Pass & FarmlandsMapMap
blueberries Therenborough Therenborough, Theren Keep, Gatehouse (just inside drawbridge)MapMap
blueberries Therenborough Therenborough, Trigomas Residence, Side YardMapMap
blueberries Throne City Throne City, Garden Rooftop, Medical PavilionMapMap
blueberries Zaulfung Riverhaven, East Gate, Deer trailMapMap
blueberries Arthe Dale Arthe Dale, Road to Arthe BayMapMap
blueberries Dirge Dirge, North Roads CaravansaryMapMap
blueberries Dirge Dirge, North Roads Caravansary, Rustic Circle (housing area)MapMap
blueberries Dirge Dirge, Northern Trade Road, Broken HillsMapMap
blueberries Kaerna Village/Stone Clan Kaerna Village, Near The WellMapMap
blueberries Kaerna Village/Stone Clan Stone Clan, Northern Trade Road, Rivers BankMapMap
blueberries Leth Deriel Leth Deriel, Silhouette Forest by Oshu'ehhrsk ManorMapMap
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This database is the collaboration of many people. The data here was originally collected by Daellid and is being actively contributed to by many people, including Kythryn, Quelgash, Razputin, and Caelfind. In addition Daellid and Olwydd.Org would like to thank Aislinge, Tagra, Ithlia, Illcram, Cetacea, Dulcina, Nutawa, Razputin, Treshan, Vyraka, Midwife Syrath, Goniftheef, Yamcer, Fengreve, Mellisandre, and Hymel.
We would also like to extend special thanks to Kythryn for all of the suggestions she gave during its creation.